Revolver Creative Coworking Space, houses the office of a Startup law firm, General Standards. Within this company is the vibrant, assistant Lawyer, Sascha Silberstein.

General Standards Lawyers offer simple, affordable & convenient legal services for startups. The team have been members of Revolver Creative shared offices since May of last year and love their permanent space.

Perth born Sascha joined the Revolver Creative space in September and has “really enjoyed working in such a funky coworking space – it makes coming to work a lot more fun.” Sascha completed her Law Degree at ANU in 2013 where she had a particular interest in international law and languages. Working for General Standards has since, opened her mind to the wonderful world of Startup Company Law and hopes to pursue it further.

Her favorite thing about working in a coworking environment? The events! Revolver Creative provides the space required for vibrant, relaxed and fun events/client parties!

“Revolver Creative Shared Office Space is fantastic for holding events and parties that can include the other coworkers of the space and their clients.”

The foodie-at-heart Sascha, is excited for the upcoming Food and Wine Festival in Melbourne. In her spare time, she will indulge in the festivities of the event, joined by some of the coworkers at Revolver Creative.

“Few lawyers can say they work in a contemporary coworking space that plays tunes throughout the day, surroundings are startup business’, welcomes pets and has such an accommodating management team like Revolver Creative. I never thought I’d be lucky enough to work in such a cool, hip place. It’s a fantastic environment to work in, especially considering the field General Standards specializes in – startups!”

Sascha looking slick  in front of General Standards office at Revolver Creative Coworking space

Sascha looking slick in front of General Standards office at Revolver Creative Coworking space

Sascha is soon to complete her assistant role, and will be admitted to practice on the 17th of March, Congratulations Sascha!

The General Standards Team are a valuable part of Revolver Creative Coworking Space. They interact with other members of the space and are a great addition to the Revolver Creative Community. If you’re a Startup business and need legal advice, General Standards offers free upfront meetings & advice.

Book a tour today to join the Revolver Creative community and get access to great tools like this to help build your business.