Revolver Creative Coworking Space has a huge variety of different business’, people and talent.

A perfect example is Pandora’s Marcus Ross. Marcus is an integral and founding tenant of our fast growing community here at Revolver Creative Coworking space.

Marcus started with Journalism but soon realised music was his passion. He began producing music under the name, Kid Radio, who’s sound is built on the beats, chords and hooks of Marcus Ross, Chad Blaster & Tom Butt and by talented vocalist Dylan Smith who manipulates each note to coerce you along a narrated journey.

Marcus Ross Pandora’s rented office space at Revolver Creative

Marcus Ross Pandora’s rented office space at Revolver Creative

Marcus, amongst being an Indie electro guru, landed himself an account executive role for Pandora Internet Radio in 2013. When Pandora moved set up shop in Melbourne, they needed an office space to rent, and quickly found the Revolver Creative Coworking Space.

“Revolver Creative is the best fit in a start up stage for any new business. When more people were coming on board for Pandora, Revolver Creative accommodated our expansion. The coworking space really suits Pandora and myself. Its communal atmosphere enables us to work productively whilst having fun! Interaction with people in the space is also a common occurrence, which is great for networking opportunities. The musical background [old drums store] and podcast room really add to its appeal. Revolver Creative has a great vibe and we love working from such a cool space filled with entrepreneurs and likeminded individuals.” – Marcus Ross, Account Executive at Pandora Radio

Whenever Marcus has some spare time, he enjoys diving into the pantry and cooking up a storm. All types of cuisines interest him, especially the Mexican. Marcus, doesn’t stop producing, wether it be in his head, in front of the computer or fiddling around on some instruments. It’s safe to say, he lives for music! We don’t blame him; imagine a life without it – horrifying.

The team at Revolver Creative are thrilled to have Marcus and the Pandora team as a part of our expanding community here at Revolver Creative.